Dr. Xinjian Cui, a current member of EMGP, is a professor in the business school, and a member in academic committee at the Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE) in Beijing. His main research interests include: international business, especially FDI, TNC management, Transnational R&D, and Open national innovation system.

He completed postdoctoral fellowship in the Center for Transnational’s Studies at the Nankai University in 2005, after earning his Ph.D in economics from CUFE in 1999. He has been a visiting scholar to multiple universities, including National University of Singapore, The University of Manchester, Georgetown University, and Carleton University.

He is the vice president of the Chinese Institute of Business Administration (CNIBA), and the vice president of the Expert Committee of Enterprise Management Modernization of China Enterprise Confederation. He is a member of the Expert Committee of China International Engineering Consulting Corporation (CIECC) and a postdoctoral cooperative mentor of the People Insurance Company (Group) of China Limited (PICC).

Dr. Xinjian Cui was a leader of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), National Social Science Foundation of China (NSSF), the Beijing Natural Science Foundation, the Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Foundation. He was the principal investigator of the Asian Development Bank project.

He is an active member of EMGP, he has completed the reports: The Top 20 Chinese Multinationals: Changes and Continued Growth of Foreign Investment in 2016 and 2018.

Some of Dr. Xinjian Cui ’s representative published books include: The Status Quo of Foreign-Funded R&D Centers and its Policy Considerations: An NIS-Framework-based Study (Chinese, 2011); Thirty Years of China’s FDI Utilization (Chinese, 2008); The Operation and Administration of China’s International Business under the WTO Framework (Co-authored; Chinese, 2006); China’s International Business: Its Theories, Operations, and Policies (Co-authored; Chinese, 2001); The Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in China (Chinese, 2001).