She has a specialization in Development Economics (University of Leuven, Belgium); a Master's degree in Economics (University of Antwerp), and a PhD in Political Science (University of Paris III, Sorbonne, France).

Senior researcher (Institute of Economic Research, National Autonomous University of Mexico. National Researcher level II of the National Council of Science and Technology, since 1992. She has received the National University award in the area of Economics and Administrative Sciences (2005) and the Governor General´s International Award for a Foreign Scholar (2007).

Since 1999, she has collaborated in the Emerging Markets Global Player project, with Columbia University, analyzing the growing internationalization of the main Mexican multinational companies.

Her research interests are: the process of internationalization of the Mexican multinationals and the complexity of a Mexican public policy and the OFDI, conflicts between foreign investment and governments importers of capital under NAFTA and FIPPAs.

She is author of several books on political economy of the integration and the OFDI. The most recent: “The Continentalization of Mexico and Canada in North America"(Planet/Ariel 2016) and "La Continentalisation du Mexique et du Canada dans L' Amérique du Nord "(L´Harmattan, Paris, 2015).


Recent articles: "Mining Companies in Mexico and the Dominance of Mexican Business Groups" (Latin American Policy); "L'Investissement étranger et l' activité minière en Amérique Latine. Stratégies Gouvernementales dans les Conflicts avec les Compagnies Minières" (IdeAs); "Protection Agreements to Foreign Investment” (ALAI); "Toward the Construction of an International Regime to Protect Foreign Investment" (North America); "The fragility of the margin of maneuvers of the State in the implementation of public policies against the FIPAs" (ALAIA); "Between the observance of investment protection agreements and the right to implement public policies of development in Latin America" (Externado Colombia); "Foreign direct investment and the NAFTA (UNAM); "Impact of NAFTA on foreign investment protection agreements and the Mexico-European Union relations" (ECONOMIA UNAM)