About EMGP Data

EMGP Project reports provide data on the leading non-financial firms from key emerging economies, ranked by the value of foreign assets they hold abroad. This chart shows the reports’ coverage in terms of the number of countries and the relevant year. Explore the Country Profile, Company Profile, and Sustainability sections to learn more about the data collected and general trends. Additional information on covered countries and companies is included in the Reports. All reports are available here.

Company coverage by Market and Year

Each country report presents the leading non-financial firms as ranked by their foreign assets. This chart shows the average size of the leading firms, illustrating the notable variation among different emerging markets.

Average Foreign Assets by Market and Year

Total Foreign Assets by Industry and % Government Ownership

Average Foreign Assets, Sales & Employment by Companies in Country

EMGP firms as a share of Outward FDI

Using UNCTAD's stock OFDI data, we can see the national relevance of the top multinational companies. In some cases, the top firms represented 80% of the total OFDI stocks for their particular country.

UNCTAD's OFDI data is captured by national governments, which use similar methodologies. When this OFDI data is compared with the EMGP Project data collected using the EMGP Project methodology, there are notable, if unusual results. The assets that the leading emerging market MNEs hold abroad often make up a significant portion of their home economy's total OFDI stocks. Methodological differences may also account for results (e.g., for Mexico, Turkey, and the UAE) indicating that the outward investment by leading firms exceeds total OFDI.